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Card related

How are the cards loaded?

Cards are loaded either externally via Why Leave Town, or in-store at dedicated ‘Load Up Stores’.

Within the Load Up Stores, money is placed onto the cards using the REFUND function on the EFTPOS terminal. The flow of money for this transaction is as follows:

  1. Customer first pays the amount they want loaded onto the card to the business.
  2. The business then uses their EFTPOS terminal to load/refund the payment back to the gift card.

How much can I load on a card?

As little as $10, and as much as $1000 can be loaded onto a single card.

How are the cards redeemed (i.e. spent)?

When a card holder wants to spend money on their card, they simply present the card at a participating store, and the transaction takes place again via the EFTPOS terminal.

How do you check your card balance?

To check the balance of your card simply click on the relevant shop local program below.

Once you have checked the balance of your card it is also a good idea to write this amount on the back of the card so that you can keep track of how much you have left to spend.

Are you having problems checking your card balance? 

If so, then just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the button above that will take you to the check balance page.
  2. In the first box enter your card number.  This is the 16 digit number on the back of your card, it will be something like 5021-1802-XXXX-XXXX.
  3. Click on the next box.  At this point a drop down box will appear.  Select to sign in using “Card Number and 4 Digit Passcode”
  4. In the final PassCode box enter your 4 digit pin that is on the back of your card.

How many times can the card be used?

The cards can only be loaded once, but they can be used to buy things multiple times. This means that the value which is loaded onto the card cannot be added to, but the card can be spent all at one time or a little at a time.

Can I use Pay Wave?

The cards will work on all standard EFTPOS terminals within Australia. They are made to the same standard as any of the bank issued debit style cards. The cards will also work with EFTPOS terminals that are integrated with a computer.

The cards are required to be swiped through the EFTPOS terminals to transact. Therefore, they will not operate via pay wave.

Please note that the cards WILL NOT work on Square, PayPal or similar card readers.

Lost & damaged cards

The cards need to be treated like cash, and hence if they are lost then this is just like losing cash. However, if the card number is known then the card can be replaced. Holders of the card are encouraged to register the card at when they first receive it just in case it is lost.

Will my card Expire?

Card funds that remain after 3 years from being loaded will expire, in line with government legislation requirements. The cards themselves expire 6 years after their printing date – regardless of if they have been loaded or not.

Once cards expire then the holder of the cards cannot access this money.

Business related

I am a Business Owner – How do I sign up to participate?

To sign up it is Easy! Simply head to: and select to join the Kalamunda Program.

There is no charge to become a redemption store in the Kala Cash program. If you would like to become a load-up store, Community Bank Forrestfield are covering the fee to the first 5 businesses that register their interest.

Are businesses charged any transaction fees?

Businesses will be charged standard fees for each transaction that takes place on their EFTPOS terminal. That is, they will only be charged what they normally would be charged when transacting any other EFTPOS savings card. There are NO ADDITIONAL FEES charged by Why Leave Town (WLT) .

Load Up stores should also check with their terminal provider if there are any fees associated with processing REFUNDS.

WLT also recommends that businesses do not accept payment for WLT Gift Cards via credit card to avoid the associated fees. Under no circumstances should payment via credit card over the phone be made for WLT cards. This is to help avoid potential fraudulent activity.

Who are the Community Bank Forrestfield Bendigo Bank?

Backed by Australia’s fifth largest bank, Forrestfield Community Bank Branch not only gives the community access to award-winning financial products and services, they are also committed to returning profits to our local communities.

Community Bank Forrestfield and Bendigo Bank have reinvested $2,493,755 million dollars directly to support local projects, events, initiatives, schools and not for profit organisations in the City of Kalamunda.

Talk to them today about how they might assist you with their full suite of financial products and services.

Branches are located at:

Community Bank Forrestfield Bendigo Bank
Located: Hawaiians Forrestfield, Shop 6/20 Strelitzia Avenue, Forrestfield
Telephone: (08) 9359 0711


What is Why Leave Town?

Why Leave Town (WLT) is in the business of supporting and helping to grow Australian communities. The focus is in providing programs and tools that help local businesses thrive.

Operating since 2007, they have a lengthy history of working with a variety of councils, chambers and community groups with the purpose of encouraging people to think local first.  They are passionate about what they do and take great pride in seeing communities prosper through the use of their products.

About the Cards

The cards are manufactured with PVC plastic and contain a magnetic strip that is encoded with the card details. Each card has a unique identification number as well as a 4 digit pin located on the back of the card.

Terms & Conditions

For a full list of the shop local gift card terms & conditions click HERE.

​A copy of Why Leave Town’s Privacy Policy can be found by clicking HERE